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Aziz Amari - Ncodi Creator

He is a self taught software developer from Tunisia, creator and developer of Ncodi Language. He is Passionate about Technology and always looking for new challenges.

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Ncodi is a great project meant to help younger people get involved with programming in a young age with easy to understand syntax (Tunisian dialect) so that they can absorb the core concepts of programming languages & algorithms and after that moving to big tier languages won't be that hard.
Mohamed Elfaleh
Founder of التوانسة الي يحبوا البرمجة
Full Stack Javascript Developer
Coding BeTounsi picture
English is an obstacle for many Tunisians who want to learn programming.
As coding BeTounsi, YouTube channel in Tunisian dialect, I really enjoyed the experience and I think it will encourage persons to start especially kids.
Abderraouf Ghrissi
Founder of Coding BeTounsi
Software Engineer
Dhia Snoussi picture
As a first step, This is a great work and I believe you have the potential to take this project to the next level.
Best of luck.
Dhia Snoussi
CTO of Ijeni
Golden Microsoft Student Ambassador

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What did you learn from this project?

This is a really interesting question. I obviously learned a lot about how computer languages work and how they are designed internally. I also picked up some skills through this project: I can now use the debugger more comfortably, Unit Testing (using XUnit), RegEx, WebSockets, Docker and more...

Why did you create this Ncodi ?

It is simply for the thrill of learning about compilers and language design. I also added the Tunisian syntax to give a purpose and something unique to my language.

Why is Ncodi still in beta phase ?

I decided to launch Ncodi as beta version because it's still too immature to achieve my vision "Give Tunisian who don't understand english a chance to discover programming" and for that reason I'm also making the website/ documentation in English since it's not ready to be used by the main audience.